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Original Ghouls Minis Draculaura – Suspenders

Mini Draculaura has black hair with pigtails, pink streaks in her bangs, and a pink bow. Her pale pink complexion is complemented by purple eyes with heart accents, a crooked...

Minis High School Playset

The Mini playset features the Monster High school and the exclusive figure, Original Ghouls Draculaura with suspenders. High School The high school has lavender walls, multiple purple floors, and coffin-shaped...

Geek Shriek Ghouls Minis Frankie Stein

Mini Frankie has white hair with black streaks and a blue headband. She has has pale green skin and one green and one blue eye with hex nut sparkles. Over...

Glow in the Dark Ghouls Minis Draculaura

Mini Draculaura has pink hair with black streaks. It is worn in pigtails and decorated with a black & white bone heart bow. She has a pale pink complexion, big...

Teddy Bear Ghouls Minis Clawdeen Wolf

Mini Clawdeen has swept bangs that are brown, green, and pink. She has brown skin, brown eyes with crescent moon sparkles, a fanged smile, and a crescent moon on her...

Mermaid Ghouls Minis Cleo de Nile

Mini Cleo has black and teal ombre hair with a gold headband. She has tan skin, blue eyes with lashes and diamond accents, and a diamond on her cheek. Her...

Chalkboard Ghouls Minis Lagoona Blue

Mini Lagoona is all black and decorated with pastel colors. She has aquamarine highlights, eyes, and nose. Her outfit is decorated with a pink seashell on the chest. Aquamarine cuffs...

Mermaid Ghouls Minis Ari Hauntington

Mini Ari has violet hair with lavender highlights. She has a shimmery complexion, violet eyes with music note accents, and black lashes. Her top is pink and decorated with bubbles....

Sporty Monsters Minis Abbey Bominable

Mini Abbey has white hair adorned with violet net highlights and a hockey stick and puck graphic. She has light blue skin, plum eyes with snowflake sparkles, and a fanged...

Geek Shriek Ghouls Minis Abbey Bominable

Mini Abbey has white hair with pink highlights and a baby blue headband. She has powder blue skin, magenta eyes with snowflake sparkles, and a fanged mouth. Her pink glasses...
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