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How Do You Boo? Ghoul Spirit Clawdeen Wolf

(2017) (B)
Clawdeen has straight brown hair with purple highlights. Her brown complexion is complemented by lavender eyeshadow and pink fanged lips. She is a budget doll and lacks articulation at the...

How Do You Boo? Ghoul Spirit Lagoona Blue

(2017) (B)
Lagoona has wavy blonde hair with light turquoise highlights. She has pale turquoise skin, turquoise eyes with purple shadow, pink lips, and freckles. Lagoona is a budget doll and lacks...

How Do You Boo? Ghoul Spirit Cleo de Nile

(2017) (B)
Cleo has straight black hair with golden highlights. She has tanned skin with mummy-like features, turquoise eyes with gray shadow, deep red lips, and a gem on her cheek. Cleo...

Electrified – Hair-Raising Ghouls Cleo de Nile

The Cleo doll has crimped black hair with blue highlights and a pink under layer. Her tan complexion is complemented by turquoise eyes, blue and yellow eye makeup, pink lips,...

Mega Construx Aqua-Batic Diving & Lagoona Blue

Aqua-Batic Diving has 73 pieces that create a diving board, aquarium, trophy display, and a Lagoona Blue figure. Playset The blue diving board has translucent blue spiderweb rails and a...

Electrified – Hair-Raising Ghouls Venus McFlytrap

The Venus doll has bright pink crimped hair that streaked with black and yellow and shaved on one side. She has light green skin, blue eyes, jagged pink and yellow...

Lots of Looks Frankie Stein

(2017) (B)
Frankie has long straight hair that is streaked black & white. She has pale green skin, one green and one blue eye, pink eyeshadow, and red lips. On her right...

Mega Construx Fear Squad with Abbey, Cleo & Venus

This Fear Squad set has 65 pieces that create bleachers and figures of Abbey Bominable, Cleo de Nile, and Venus McFlytrap. Playset The playset has purple bleachers with chartreuse seats...

Ghoul’s Alive! Robecca Steam

Robecca has wavy black & blue hair and riveted bronze skin. She has gear-shaped irises, purple eyeshadow, and dark lips. Her ornate dress features a blouse with black and copper...

Secret Creepers – Critters Count Fabulous

Count Fabulous is a bat and Draculaura’s pet. He is all black with yellow eyes and pointy fangs. He wears a bow on his head and a pink shirt with...
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