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Vinyl Draculaura 2

Draculaura has long pig-tailed hair that is striped pink and black. Her pale pink complexion is complemented by purple eyes, fanged red lips, and a heart on her cheek. She...

Mega Bloks Fintastic Surfing & Lagoona Blue

Fintastic Surfing has 18 pieces that create a surfboard and a Lagoona Blue figure. Surfboard The deep pink surfboard rests on a blue platform that allows it to rotate. Yellow...

Mega Bloks School Fang Out with Draculaura & Elissabat

The School Fang Out has 337 pieces that create an office, lounge, and figures of Draculaura and Elissabat. School The school is dark purple and black with turquoise and blue....

Mega Bloks Monsterific Name Builder & Frankie Stein

The Monsterific Name Builder has 242 pieces that create a nameplate and a Frankie Stein figure. Nameplate The nameplate has black and purple bricks with green highlights. It has a...

Mega Bloks Teen Scream Salon & Frankie Stein

The Teen Scream Salon has 56 pieces that create a vanity and a Frankie Stein figure. Vanity The vanity is gray with a blue counter, tool clips, and a translucent...

Mega Bloks Physical Deaducation & Frankie Stein

Physical Deaducation has 137 pieces that create a gym and a Frankie Stein figure. Gym The gym is black and purple with turquoise accents, a gray wrought iron window, a...

Mega Bloks Skullastic Stage Fright & Catty Noir

Skullastic Stage Fright has 162 pieces that create a stage and a Catty Noir figure. Stage The stage is turquoise with a black frame and gray bat wing curtains. Accents...

Mega Bloks Gore-Geous Throne & Cleo de Nile

Gore-Geous Throne has 21 pieces that create a lounge chair and a Cleo de Nile figure. Gore-Geous Throne The throne is a black lounge chair that has turquoise and gold...

Mega Bloks Twyla 2

Twyla has straight turquoise hair with blunt bangs and streaks of purple. Her pale complexion is complemented by violet eyes, lavender eyeshadow, and pink lips. She is wearing a cropped...

Mega Bloks Nefera de Nile

Nefera has long green hair with black streaks that is pulled into a high ponytail with a gold band. Her tan complexion is complemented by lavender eyes with coral pink...
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