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Monster High is a popular line of fashion dolls that revolves around the teenage children of legendary monsters. These children attend Monster High, a school in New Salem that accepts any form of creature as a student.

Monster High debuted in July 2010 with a basic series of six dolls. They are made by Mattel, the same company that produces Barbie dolls. The dolls stand about 10.5 inches tall, are made of plastic, have multiple points of articulation, and have unique head sculpts. Ghouls, female characters, have brushable hair and mansters, male characters, usually have molded plastic hair.

Dolls are released by series, or assortment, and may ship in waves with different dolls available at different times. Each character in a series has a unique haircut and outfit and may include a stand, brush, pet, diary, or other accessories. Most dolls are packaged individually, but some can be found in multi-packs or included with a playset.

The Monster High franchise also includes movies, TV specials, video games, and young adult novels. When one of these is released there is usually a corresponding series of dolls as well.

As Monster High dolls have become more and more popular the number of assortments released each year has increased. To satisfy demand, some dolls from older series have also been reissued. These reissued dolls usually have different packaging and less accessories. The number of exclusives, dolls available from only select retailers, has also increased.

In 2016, the Monster High franchise got a reboot. The relaunch gives the dolls all new face molds and focuses on the core characters. Monster High’s new slogan, “How Do You Boo?”, represents that it is okay to be different, embrace being unique, and always be yourself.

2020 introduced the Monster High Skullector series. It features dolls inspired by iconic horror movies like Gremlins 2 and Beetlejuice. These dolls have premium details and are designed and packaged with collectors in mind.

Haunt Couture, a 2022 series, brings back the original Monster High ghouls. The dolls have been updated with new versions of their classic outfits and feature premium details, outfits, and accessories.

2022 also debuts the third generation of Monster High dolls. The original mansters and ghouls have returned, reimagined for a new generation.

With so many dolls being released it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Our goal at is to catalog and organize all of the Monster High dolls making them easier to collect and enjoy.

Latest Additions

Outta Fright Operetta

Generation 3 Catty Noir

Day Out Cleo de Nile
(2024) (B)

Monster Fest Clawdeen Wolf

Monster Fest Lagoona Blue

Monster Fest Frankie Stein

Monster Fest Cleo de Nile

Generation 3 Cleo De Nile (2024)

Generation 3 Lagoona Blue (2024)

Generation 3 Frankie Stein (2024)

Off-White Symphanee Midnight
(2024) (E)

Generation 3 Venus McFlytrap

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