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Howliday Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon – Love Edition 2-Pack

(2023) (E)
Cleo and Deuce are back and spreading the love in a Howliday 2-pack. Cleo de Nile Cleo has long dark hair with light streaks and purple highlights. Her tan skin...

Skullector Elvira

(2023) (E)
Elvira is a Monster High Doll inspired by Elvira, the iconic horror hostess and mistress of the dark. She has long jet-black hair worn in a bouffant which is enhanced...

Day Out Frankie Stein

(2022) (B)
Frankie has long straight hair that is black & white with a streak of blue. Her light blue skin is complemented by one green and one blue eye and full...

Day Out Draculaura

(2022) (B)
Draculaura has pointed bangs and extra-long straight hair that is pink and black split down the middle. Her pale pink complexion is complemented by big eyes with silver and pink...

Day Out Clawdeen Wolf

(2022) (B)
Clawdeen has long and curly hair that is light purple enhanced by purple streaks. Highlighting her light brown complexion are dark brown eyes, purple and pale blue shadow, freckles, and...

Creepover Party Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf has long curly hair that is light purple streaked with purple. She has big brown eyes, purple eyeshadow, fanged lips, and a tan complexion. Bedtime attire features a...

Creepover Party Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein has long black & white striped hair with a big blue streak pulled into a high ponytail. One blue and one green eye and full pink lips enhance...

Creepover Party Draculaura

Draculaura has long straight hair that is pulled into two small buns and is evenly split between pink and black. Her big eyes, pink shadow, and fanged red lips enhance...

Creepover Party Twyla

Twyla has wavy aquamarine hair with streaks of magenta. Her pale lavender complexion is enhanced by her light blue eyes and full lavender lips. Her sleepwear features a sweater with...

Howliday Draculaura – Winter Edition

Draculaura is ready for a fabulous howliday season. Her long black hair has a gorgeous updo, pink streaks, and shaped bangs. Purple eyes enhanced with purple shadow, fanged lips, and...
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