13 Wishes Frankie Stein

Frankie looks priceless with her black, white & blue hair that is long and straight with sparkly gold streaks. She is wearing a sleeveless dress held by a turquoise tulle strap attached to a black tulle choker. The bodice is a split of dotted white cloth and black leatherette. The open-front dress has a triple tulle skirt with a layer of turquoise and two layers of black. The long double overlay features black holed-mesh over turquoise cloth decorated with a pattern of golden hex nuts and lightning.

Golden accessories for the ensemble include hex nut dangle earrings, two hex nut bracelets, a hex nut headband, and a lightning bolt chest piece. On her feet are gold wedges with translucent turquoise straps. Also included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, and an ornate translucent blue lantern.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7704
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