Art Class Studio

The Art Class studio is designed to let the ghouls of Monster High be as creative as monstrously possible. There is an easel, kiln, and other art supplies for painting, pottery, and ice carving.

The black skeletal easel has a spinal column and three legs. The legs extend from the pelvis and are connected by a spiderweb. Skeletal hands hold the purple framed painting of Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, Robecca Steam, and Skelita Calaveras.

A pink cart and chair accompany the easel. The cart is pink with three shelves, a black top with inset cup, and black wheels. Resting on the cart is a skullette palette, a brush, and a pen. The chair is a pink skeletal hand with webbed fingers forming the backrest. It rests upon a black column with a pink pedestal.

The kiln is gray brick with a purple coffin-shaped door decorated with the Monster High crest and blue splatter. The top of the kiln has purple coffin-themed shelves with spiderweb backing. A purple wood shelf sits on the side of the kiln and is adorned with spiderweb accents.

Other art supplies consist of an orange vase sitting in a green pottery wheel, three red apples with worms, and a purple bowl of yellow eyeballs. A hammer and chisel is included to use on the translucent blue skullette ice sculpture.

  • Model Number:
  • BDD83
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