Skullector Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz

Beetlejuice and Lydia are Monster High dolls inspired by the 1988 Beetlejuice movie.

Beetlejuice looks frighteningly amazing with wild bright green hair, big blue eye, and deep red lips. Complementing her pale white complexion is purple eyeshadow and light green blush.

Her outfit begins with a black & white striped suit with a white collar, black tie, and a wide black belt. The back of the jacket has a jagged trim and a multi-layered tail. One layer is a messy black lace and the other is a semi see-through purple print.

Completing the look is a black & white carousel hat with batty accents, sandworm earrings, and black booties. One boot’s heel is of Barbara in her scary visage and the other heel is of Adam with his scary transformation.

Lydia Deetz
Lydia has straight black hair, big brown eyes, lavender eyeshadow, and full lips. Her mostly black gothic ensemble features a lovely black dress with a shiny vine print.

Accentuating the outfit is a a wide-brimmed hat, black nylons, and black shoes. The heels of the shoes are Beetlejuice in snake form.

Accessories include a camera for Lydia and a copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Each Skullector doll has 11 points of articulation and 2 doll stands are included.

The dolls were available from the Mattel Creations website.

From the box:

Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... Beetle...
C'mon, ghoul, it's showtime! Say my name three times and we'll be compadres, amigos, BFFs. I'll show you the ropes about being a ghost, and you help me get back to the land of the living. Whaddaya say? If only more of the recently deceased were like my goth-to bestie, Lydia. You gotta love her pitch dark sense of fashion. It's totally to die-for. She has some scary good, calypso moves, too. So stop acting grave and just say it. Together, we're gonna be the best bio-exorcist team this podunk Winter River village has ever seen.

  • Model Number:
  • GWF82
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