Boltin’ Bicycle & Frankie Stein

Frankie has long straight hair that is streaked black and white. Her makeup features red lipstick and pink eyeshadow. On her head is a blue bike helmet adorned with studs, bolts, hex nuts, and raised lightning bolt designs.

She is wearing an adorable black romper covered with a pattern of blue and yellow lightning bolts. It has two sets of shoulder straps: two blue and two narrower black straps. On her feet are black sneakers with lightning and hex bolt accents.

Frankie rides a stylish blue cruiser with fenders, a yellow chain guard, a silver kickstand, and a black seat with a clear waist support. Decorating one side of the top tube is a black sticker with stitches, yellow lightning bolts, a blue stitched heart, and a skullette. The silver lightning bolt handlebars are held by a stem in the shape of a hand. The wheels have black tires and silver rims with lightning bolt spokes.

Frankie is a budget doll that lacks articulation at the wrists.

From the box:

One of the ways Frankie likes to boo is to just get on her bike and see where it takes her. She can ride lightning fast when she wants to, but sometimes she likes to just cruise around the park, enjoying the fresh air and waving hello to other monsters. She says riding a bicycle feels so natural to her, it's almost like her father built her with pedals attached to her feet!

  • Model Number:
  • DPX18
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