Boo York, Boo York – City Schemes Nefera de Nile

Nefera has long and beautiful teal hair with black & white streaks and gold tinsel highlights. Her lipstick is red and her eyeshadow is light teal and gold with black swirl accents.

She is wearing a form-fitting dress that is a shimmery black & blue with a pattern of twisting teal snake-like lines. The dress has an asymmetrical hem and two black straps with one strap forming a long decorative strip down the front. Over the dress is a metallic gold chest piece with snake accents and a large city skyline epaulet.

Accessories begin with an ornate black headband made of snakes and crystals. Her matching gold earrings are dangling snakes with crystals. She wears elbow length fingerless teal gloves and translucent teal wedges. The wedges have crystal shard platforms and snake straps that wind up her legs.

Nefera comes with a brush, doll stand, and a piece of the comet. The piece is translucent purple crystals shaped like a pyramid.

From the box:

As the Night of the Comet approaches, Nefera scares-up a terror-ible scheme and uses its powers to entomb Catty's voice forever!! Nefera de Nile doll Daughter of the Mummy The monsters take a MUSICAL bite out of the city. When Cleo is invited to attend a fancy gala celebrating the return of a magical comet, she brings her beast friends along! But it's not all fun and frightseeing when Nefera uses the comet's powers in a die-abolical plot against Catty! Can the monsters and their new city ghoulfriends unwrap the mystery of the comet in time to help her?

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  • CKC65
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