Boo York, Boo York Floatation Station & Astranova

Floatation Station
The station has a white base with swirls and a black wrought iron skyline backdrop. The central pillar has cutouts and crystal accents. It is topped by a silver rod with cutout wings.

The rod holds a curved white beam that holds a purple crystal ball. The ball lights up and will flash to the beat of music. It is magnetized and enables Astranova to float under it.

Astranova has a light blue crystal head piece with an ornate metallic crystal microphone and earpiece. She has dark blue hair with tinsel streaks and starry features on her face. There are two versions; one is light purple and the other is darker.

Her halterneck dress is white with a fuchsia print of constellation lines. On the back are layered capes that are sheer white and lavender.

Over the dress is a dark magenta crystal chest piece that flares at the shoulders and wraps her waist. She has metallic wrist cuffs and magenta crystal shoes that rise up to her knees. Her musical instrument is a magenta crystal guitar.

From the box:

Comet fever has infected the city! A magical comet returns after a 1300-year orbit, bringing with it a surprise that's out-of-this-world! Astranova doll Daughter of the Comet Aliens Age: 15 (space years) Killer Style: I love glam rock. The more sparkle and out-of-this-world shine the better. My quest is to be the most dazzling object in a universe full of stars! Freaky Flaw: After traveling for lightyears, sometimes I have difficulty navigating Monster High. What I'm trying to say gets lost in translation, or I don't get my new ghoulfriends' fangisms, and then I feel like our conversations just orbit 'round and 'round. Favorite Activity: Singing. Music is common ground - and space. It is the language understood by all monsters.

  • Model Number:
  • CHW58
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