Boo York, Boo York – Gala Ghoulfriends Mouscedes King

Mouscedes has long wavy pink hair with cute mouse ears poking through. Her gray skin is complemented by light blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. At the small of her back is a thin mouse tail.

She is a wearing a halterneck dress with a black leatherette bodice that features gold polka dots of various sizes. The long skirt has a metallic gold fragmented crystal print, tapered folds in the front, and a sheer black underlayer.

Accessories consist of a metallic turquoise crystal tiara, gray crystal earrings, and a metallic turquoise belt with strands of crystals. Her shoulders are decorated with gray epaulettes adorned with crystals, etchings, and small pentagon cutouts. On her feet are gray strappy pumps with crystal accents.

Mouscedes comes with a brush, doll stand, and her diary.

From the box:

Mouscedes King doll Daughter of the Rat King Age: 15 Killer Style: Total Upper Beast Side! Freaky Flaw: I'm a rat ghoul who is lactose intolerant - which sounds like some kind of cheesy joke. I try not to be a pest, but I can't help it if I need to order my extra-cream, extra-whip, no-dairy latte: substitute soy, hold the cream and easy on the foam. Favorite Activity: Any kind of dancing. Even my tail has some monster moves. The monsters take a MUSICAL bite out of the city. When Cleo is invited to attend a fancy gala celebrating the return of a magical comet, she brings her beast friends along! But it's not all fun and frightseeing when Nefera uses the comet's powers in a die-abolical plot against Catty! Can the monsters and their new city ghoulfriends unwrap the mystery of the comet in time to help her?

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  • CHW61
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