Brand-Boo Students Kjersti Trollson

Kjersti is an adorable troll with pink skin, pointy ears, and eyes with pixelated irises. Her hair is a blend of blue and magenta streaks. It is long and curly and pulled into side ponytails.

She is wearing a black top with a white image of a pixelated skullette viking. The top has a purple strap and short colorful sleeves made up of various shades of blue and purple pixels. Her layered skirt features pointed panels reminiscent of armor. The panels are shimmery purple, outlined in black, and trimmed with black mesh. The longer bottom layer matches the sleeves of her top and has an irregular pixelated hem.

Accessories for the outfit consist of a teal knit cap with horns, pixelated magenta glasses, blue pixelated skullette viking earrings, and a black bracelet. On her feet are pastel teal socks complementing pastel purple boots with pixelated soles, game controller accents, and skullettes on the sides. Her zippered gray bag is shaped like a video game controller with pink buttons and a black handle.

Kjersti also comes with a black brush, doll stand, and her diary.

From the box:

Killer Style: I'm a gamer and I like giving my wardrobe a turbo boost of cute with scary-sweet, game-themed skirts, t-shirts and shoes. I think it's nice to feel fashionable, especially when I'm kicking another gamer's character all over the screen. Favorite Activity: I love playing video games with monsters from all over the world. Even though we've never met face to face, I feel like they're my friends. Freaky Flaw: I'm a control freak. I think that's why I like gaming, because I can make the characters I'm playing do whatever I "tell" them to do and if they don't, I can always reset the game. Alas, there are no reset buttons in real unlife. Pet: Would it be weird if I said my video game console?

  • Model Number:
  • CJC62
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