Basic Gigi Grant

Gigi has adorable pink hair with streaks of orange that is pulled into a ponytail with a black band. She has freckled cheeks, a scorpion tattoo at her neck, and segmented limbs.

Her high-waisted dress has a sparkly black bodice with a shiny gold belt. The skirt is half pink and half blue with a black outlined pattern. She accessorizes with a gold scorpion bracelet and gold platform shoes. The shoes feature gravity heels and curled pointy toes.

Gigi does not include a doll stand or brush and lacks articulation at the elbow and wrist.

From the box:

Killer Style: Natural fabrics, especially silk, in bright colors. I'm also big on halter-tops, baggy pants and slippers. Basically I'm all about comfort. Of course I can't be a total slob 'cause I never know when I'm going to have to pop out for a meeting with the new boss. Freaky Flaw: It's not a real stretch to guess that I'm claustrophobic. Being stuck in a lantern for millennia will do that to you. Favorite Activity: I love to go sightseeing. It's always a bonus when a monster wishes to take a trip to someplace I haven't already been.

  • Model Number:
  • DKY19
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