Classroom Cleo De Nile & Ghoulia Yelps 2-Pack

This 2-pack features Cleo and Ghoulia wearing lab coats while studying to be mad scientists.

Cleo De Nile
Cleo’s white lab coat is trimmed with yellow bandages, has bandages hanging from the right sleeve, and has images of gems on the right side. Under the coat is a short strapless dress made of turquoise wrappings and a yellow mesh overskirt. For each leg there is a leg warmer with the same turquoise wrappings as the dress. Her shoes are turquoise sandals with gold straps and gold studs around the edges.

She accessorizes the outfit with a gold snake-shaped necklace, gold earrings with symbols from the periodic table, a gold bracelet, and a black triangle bracelet. Cleo also has gold safety goggles with a black strap and the head of a cobra on one side.

Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia’s white lab coat has a red & black brain wrinkle pattern on the collar and cuffs. Under the coat is a black dress with red trim and a colorful pattern of squares and symbols from the periodic table. Her white shoes have skullettes on the sides, blue laces, black toes, and red brain-wrinkled soles.

Her accessories are white cat-eye glasses, a black hair band with a red brain, red earrings with symbols from the periodic table, a red bracelet, and a black bracelet.

Accessories for the dolls include a beaker, flasks, skullette-shaped tubing, a Mad Science notebook, and a brush.

  • Model Number:
  • BBC81
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