Classroom Ghoulia Yelps – Reissue

This reissue of Ghoulia has the same outfits as the original but lacks some extras. The pink coffin-shaped locker and the survival guide are not included with this release.

She is still wearing a white tee with black sleeves and red trim that sports Monster High – Phys Dead – on the front. The shorts are black with a pink & white zigzag on one leg and a skullette on the other. Under the shorts is a pair of red half tights. Her shoes are red & black sneakers with red laces and white on top.

Ghoulia also has a dress that is a combination of black & white polka dots and red & white stripes. Her accessories include red earrings, a red & white bracelet, a red bottle, black sports goggles, and white glasses.

Extras for the doll are a Physical Deaducation book, a red pen, a red bottle, a black ball, and a brush.

  • Model Number:
  • Y4685
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