Classroom Lagoona Blue – Reissue

This version of Lagoona is almost identical to the original but lacks a few of the extras. The pink coffin-shaped locker and the survival guide are missing from the reissue.

Lagoona still has her white lab coat and teal dress with the pattern of white bubbles and black anchors. She also comes with an extra shirt and pants. The shirt has teal, pink and white whorls and the pants are teal with black pockets, waistband, and cuffs.

Accessories for the outfits are a pink necklace, pink bracelet, and yellow dangle earrings with black anchors. The shoes are teal & black with yellow winding straps.

The extras for the doll include a three-eyed frog, a jar, an egg, a Mad Science book, a blue pen, and a brush.

  • Model Number:
  • Y4687
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