Cleo de Nile & Ghoulia Yelps 2-Pack

The 2-pack features Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps. It is an exclusive of the Mattel Shop.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has long black hair with blunt bangs, glitter highlights, and teal streaks. She has a tan complexion, light blue eyes, elaborate eye makeup, deep red lips, and a turquoise gem on her cheek.

Her outfit is a black jumpsuit with elbow length sleeves and knee length legs. It is detailed with a print of winding golden lines and turquoise graphics.

She accessorizes with coral snakes on a gold statement necklace, gold armbands, and a gold cage peplum. On her head is an ornate gold headband decorated with a teal cobra. Her sandals have sparkly teal soles and golden straps with coral accents that wind up her legs.

Accompanying Cleo is Hissette. The cobra is gold with a turquoise crown and jewelry.

Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia has long wavy hair that is streaked light and dark blue. She has a pale gray complexion, pale blue eyes, and red lips.

Her outfit has a gray shirt with a breast pocket, black cuffs and trim, red buttons, and a drippy hem. The knee-length shorts are a pinstripe blue decorated with a turquoise skull print.

Accessories consist of a bright green explorer hat, red zombie arm earrings, blue cat eye glasses, a turquoise scarf, and a red brain belt. On her feet are black knee-high boots with red laces and bright green heels. She carries a black torch with orange flame and a gray satchel with a red zombie hand graphic.

With Ghoulia is Sir Hoots A Lot. The owl is bright green with yellow eyes and blue accents.

From the box:

If you have ever been trapped in a pyramid for thousands of years, you know how dreadfully boring it can be. If you were also trapped in that pyramid with only your pet cobra to keep you company and aid in your pranks against your rather abhorrent sister, you can imagine how "poor" (but actually quite wealthy) Cleo felt - entombed in an opulent palace with all of the luxuries her royal family had to offer, but no one there to admire and worship her. If you know all of that, you understand why she began to scream of a mysterious and bespectacled ghoul who would one day rescue her, befriend her, and, of course, idolize her. It was surely her destiny. It is a little know fact that zombies are among the brainiest monsters in the world. They are often buried in deep thoughts and are able to solve mysteries and piece together puzzles much faster than their slow gait or moaning dialect would imply. As Ghoulia often says"urghhhghgh ghrrrhhhh uhhhh," which roughly translates to "I'm busy and enunciation is overrated." And, in fact, Ghoulia has been monstrously busy lately because she found what only a zombie with her superior intellect would consider "a clue." Donning her hat and calling Sir Hoots-A-Lot, she sets off on an archeological expedition to dig up a grave treasure - the princess destined to be her true ghoulfriend.

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  • FCL36
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