Coffin Bean with Clawdeen Wolf & Draculaura

This Costco exclusive playset features Draculaura and Clawdeen hanging out and gossiping at the Coffin Bean. Draculaura is wearing a light & dark pink candy stripe top with a pink bow collar. Her black skirt has a black tulle hem and is decorated with a pattern of pink hearts and filigree squares made up of bat wings and swirls. In her ears are pink skullette earrings and on her feet are pink ankle-strap pumps.

Clawdeen has on a dress with light & dark purple diagonal stripes and gold buckles. The collar is gold and a black & gold zipper stripe runs down the front. Her shoes are purple with gold laces. Gold accessories consist of four hoop earrings, a studded ponytail headband, a crescent moon pendant, a studded bracelet, and a triple-wrapped grommet belt.

The Coffin Bean has a couch, chair, and coffee table. The blue spiderweb tufted couch has a black top edge with swirls and a spider. The black chair has claw feet, red cushions etched with swirls, and a skull with hands on top. The coffee table is black, coffin shaped, and features a raised etched skull.

Items sold at the shop are stored on the black shelf decorated with spiderwebs and a purple backdrop with images of plates, cups, and containers. On top of the shelves is a unreadable menu framed with swirls and skulls. The top of the frame has a coffin with a dead coffee bean. The countertop has a gray tombstone-shaped cash register to sell lots of ghoulish goodies.

Extras for the playset begin with a Monster Beat magazine and a black apron with an image of a dead bean. For drinks there are two gray skull cauldrons; one with a green drink and the other with a pink drink. Delicious deserts include a green spider cupcake and a brown critter-shaped donut.

  • Model Number:
  • X4517
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