Complete Look Draculaura & Lagoona Blue

Draculaura’s ensemble begins with a one-shoulder dress with a pink waist and pink trim. It features a diamond print in shades of pink, gray, and gold. The print is decorated with Skullettes, clown-face glasses, bones, hearts, spiderwebs, and more. Under the dress is a pair of shimmery black pants.

Accessories consist of a pink headband with bow and blue bow-tied wedges. The pink heart-shaped purse is adorned with little bows and a bow accented handle.

Lagoona’s outfit has a turquoise dress adorned with a wonderful aquatic print. The print that has colorful coral, black seahorses, and fish bones. The hem and neckline are salmon pink and ruffled. Complementing the dress is a pair of shimmery teal pants.

Accessories include a pair of swirled turquoise shoes and a clamshell purse. The coral pink purse has a tentacle handle and an octopus and rose motif on the sides.

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  • DVF21
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