Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy Design Chamber

The Design Chamber has shelving, a lab table, cart, tumbler, accessories, doll parts, and clothing. The playset lets you create a ghoul and customize it with color-changing technology.

The shelves are black with a lavender backdrop that has spiderweb cutouts, swirls, and a Skullette topper. At the base is a tufted black bench with a red front decorated with a winged Skullette. On each side of the case are spiral holders for the color-change styluses.

Lab Table
The table has a purple tufted top with a black studded frame. It has a black base with gray wrought iron trim and a gray levered mechanism that raises and lowers the table.

The cart has a gray body with a black top, black stand, and purple wheels. It is decorated with dials, gauges, and spiderwebs.

The tumbler is a translucent blue cylinder with a Skullette graphic and a gray base and lid. The lid is attached to a spiderweb basket inside the tumbler.

Color-Change Accessories
Create color-change effects with a a light-up stylus and cold stylus or use cold water and the spray mister and Skullette applicator. Water can be kept in the clear beaker and body parts can be placed in the water-filled tumbler with skeletal tongs.

The doll has pink limbs, torso, head and hair with color-changing features. The head has blue eyes with light pink shadow, pink designs, and pink lips. Her dark turquoise hair has streaks of light purple.

She wears a color-changing dress that is a purple-gray with a cobblestone print. It has black shoulder straps and a black asymmetrical skirt with a serrated hem.

Accessories consist of blue wedge sandals and arm and leg sleeves. The sleeves are made up of scale cutouts with spiked scale accents.

  • Model Number:
  • BCC47
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