Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy Sea Monster Starter Pack

This starter pack has a color-changing ghoul with color-changing clothes and accessories.

Sea Monster
The Sea Monster has light blue limbs, torso, and head. Her molded hair is purple with a pink streak in the front, blue fins on top, and a swoop on the back. She has light green eyes with pink shadow, purple eyebrows, and chartreuse lips.

She wears a one shoulder dress with a rainbow of colors, a black tentacle print, and a scalloped hem. It is complemented by two sets of arm and leg sleeves. The first set is translucent aquamarine with fin accents and the second set is made up of chartreuse tentacles. For shoes she has a pair of purple open-toe pumps.

To use the color-change technology there is a blue ice pen and a red friction pen. There is also a black stand with a clear pedestal.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7725
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