Create-A-Monster Starter Pack Werewolf & Dragon

This starter pack includes two sets of body parts and two outfits so you can build your own Monster High doll.

Doll Parts
The werewolf is gray with arms, legs, ears, torso, and head. The head has crimson pink hair, blue eyes with pink shadow, and red fanged lips.

The dragon body is a scaly light pink with arms, legs, and small green wings. It does not have a torso. The head has bluish green eyes with green scale shadow and purple fanged lips.

The first outfit is a dress with a black form-fitting bodice and a violet skirt decorated with an intricate black and lavender print. Over the top is a frilly and sheer black jacket with a pattern of violet crescent moons.

The second outfit has a matching halterneck top and skirt. They have black trim and feature a split print. One is green speckled with black and white and the other is a chartreuse scale print.

The last item is a pair of black peep-toe wedges with crescent moon accents.

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  • W9156
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