Creepover Party Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf has long curly hair that is light purple streaked with purple. She has big brown eyes, purple eyeshadow, fanged lips, and a tan complexion.

Bedtime attire features a “Creep All Day” blue cropped tee and a pair of purple pants adorned with a crescent moon print. Over top, Clawdeen wears a fuzzy blue sweater and a pair of furry monster slippers are on her feet.

Sleepover supplies begin with a drippy moon pillow and a monstrously purple sleep mask. For snacks, she has a sippy straw drink and a giant pizza slice inside a “Monster Pizza” box.

With Clawdeen is Crescent, her pet wolf cub. Crescent has a pedestal bed with a crescent moon accent.

The doll is about 10.5 inches tall and fully articulated.

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