Day Out 3-Pack

This 3-pack features Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Frankie hanging out and having fun. Dolls in the 3-pack can also be found packaged individually.

Draculaura sports pointed bangs and extra-long straight hair, split down the middle into pink and black sections. Her pale pink complexion sets off her striking appearance, with big eyes highlighted by silver and pink eyeshadow and fanged pink lips.

For her day out, Draculaura starts with a sheer pink top featuring short puffy sleeves layered over a printed pink corset. Her black fitted skirt is adorned with a winged heart print.

Her accessories include a batty heart headband, mismatched earrings—a pink heart and a black wing—and a pink coffin-shaped backpack. On her feet, she wears black knee-high stockings paired with pink chunky heels adorned with winged heart buckles.

In addition to her chic accessories, Draculaura carries a carton of strawberry drink and a bottle of SPF500 sunscreen.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen’s signature style is defined by her long and curly light purple hair, accentuated by bold purple streaks. Her light brown complexion is complemented by dark brown eyes, adorned with shades of purple and pale blue eyeshadow. Freckles dot her face, and she completes her look with dark, fanged lips.

For her day out, Clawdeen wears a black cropped tank top featuring a phases-of-the-moon graphic, paired with a pink long-sleeve top adorned with glittery gold designs. Her outfit is completed with purple shorts featuring a frayed hem.

She accessorizes her look with golden earrings, glasses, a moon pendant, and a moon-buckle belt. To carry her essentials, she opts for a black crescent moon purse with fringe accents. On her feet, she wears gold boots with furry purple cuffs.

In addition to her fashionable accessories, Clawdeen carries a lunar cookie and a bag of moon chips.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has long, straight hair that blends black and white tones with a striking streak of blue. Their light blue skin is complemented by mismatched eyes—one green and one blue—and full pink lips.

For their day out, Frankie wears a stylish ensemble. The shirt dress features a collared top half in white adorned with a lightning bolt print, while the pink and blue plaid skirt includes silver stripes and electrifying accents.

To complete the look, Frankie accessorizes with a pink and a blue lightning barrette, along with green bolt earrings. They wear a combination chain necklace that doubles as a belt and a ring that says “ZAP.” On their feet, they sport pink platform sneakers adorned with lightning bolt charms.

Additionally, Frankie carries a slice of eyeball pizza and sips on a drink from a Zip Sip cup.

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