Die-ner & Draculaura

The Die-ner is where all the ghouls love to hang out and eat some spook-tacular treats. The playset includes Draculaura, a bar & kitchen, two chairs, a dining table, and a bench.

Draculaura has straight black hair with pink streaks and bangs. She is wearing a black halter strap dress with a pink front that features a row of black hearts and a bat silhouette. The hem of the dress is embellished with a black mesh trim.

Accessories consist of a pink headband with heart cutouts, pink bow earrings, a pink scarf with black heart-shaped polka dots, and a pink bracelet with heart charms. On her feet are black knee highs with pink cuffs and pink & white oxford pumps.

The bar & kitchen is a silver tabletop with red & white diamond designs and black claw legs with spiderweb accents. The top of the table features a red counter with a black window frame.

Hanging from the frame is a spiderweb order wheel and two pink & yellow spiderweb lights. At the top of the frame is a pink coffin-shaped clock and sticking out the side is a pink and black skull & crossbones sign with the bones replaced by a fork and spoon.

Behind the counter is the grill and oven. Complementing the bar are two black pedestal chairs with spiderweb etchings and cutouts.

The coffin-shaped dining table is silver, outlined with studs, and features a skull & crossbones with a fork and spoon replacing the bones. The table rests upon three black claw legs with wing accents. With the table is a red tufted bench that sits on a black stand. The stand has spiderweb etchings and is trimmed with studs.

Accessories consist of a black coffin register, a blue mini-jukebox, a blue milkshake mixer, a coffin-shaped tray, two red cups, a black cauldron, a yellow sandwich, a winged bowl, and a black cake stand with cover.

There are two versions of the Die-ner; this one and a playset that also includes Operetta.

From the box:

The perfect place to grab a midnight snack.

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  • Y7719
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