Draculaura Collector Doll

Draculaura has light pink and black streaked hair that is wavy and styled with a long side curl. On top of her head is a black cutout hat with bat designs and a spiderweb brim. It is held in place with a long hair pin.

Complementing her light pink skin and big purple eyes are rooted eyelashes, shimmery eyeshadow, dark red lips, and her signature heart under her left eye. Draculaura stands about a head taller than a typical doll.

She is wearing a stunning black trumpet dress with a sweetheart neckline and sheer black shoulders and sleeves. The front of the fitted bodice has an intricate embroidered pink lace design. Black & white piping separates the bodice from the shimmery pink layered skirt. The layers have a serrated hem and are topped by a black lace spiderweb peplum with batty accents. Around her neck is a pink tulle ascot held by a black & white striped bow. Her sheer black spiderweb cape attaches at her neck and wrists.

Draculaura carries a pink parasol with black embroidered spiderwebs and bats. The working parasol can be opened and closed. On her feet are adorable pink and white booties with black knobby heels. She comes with her diary and a black stand decorated with bats and spiderwebs.

From the box:

She is a hopeless romantic with the soul of a poet. A gentle hearted friend who is kind and loyal to a fault. Her favorite accent color is pink and she loves the warmth and light of a sunny day. You almost wouldn't know that she's a vampire... except that she is. Draculaura, student, Fear Squad Member, friend of werewolves, fan of days at the beach, daughter of Dracula himself, and in all ways heir to his legacy save for one. She is a riddle, wrapped in sweetness, inside an infectious laugh. This is Draculaura like you have never seen her before, resplendent in a satin and lace embroidered dress. Every detail painstakingly crafted to represent the height of Victorian vampire fashion in the late 19th Century. Take a stroll with her through the foggy streets of Old Londoom and rediscover an old friend or make a new one.

  • Model Number:
  • CHW66
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