Fashion Doll Case & Draculaura

The locking case has a handle on top and one side features the Draculaura doll with a fanged heart, “Cool Ghouls”, and “Monster High” with a Skullette. The other side has an image of a Frankie doll with “Fully Charged”, an “Ughh-Mazing!” pennant, a “Monsters” megaphone, and “Monster High” with a Skullette. The other side has a

Inside the case, there is storage for dolls, makeup, and accessories. The right side also has an image of Draculaura and a mirror with working lights.

Makeup & Accessories
There are three makeup palettes. The first has four colors of lip gloss and a small applicator brush. Next is a four color blush palette and brush. The last one has twelve shimmer cremes shaped into lightning bolts and Skullettes.

For hair, there is a red hair extension and two hair ties with Skullette buttons. One button is pink and the other is blue.

Nail supplies begin with two polishes. One is shimmery blue and the other is a shimmery purple. To help paint your nails, black and pink Skullette toe separators are included. For additional flair, there are a variety of Monster High themed nail stickers.

The final accessory is a ring with a large pink gem.

Draculaura has long black hair with pink highlights, blunt bangs, and pig tails. She has light pink skin, purple eyes, fanged red lips, and a pink heart on her cheek.

Her outfit features a pink top with black polka dots and short ruffled white sleeves. The pink skirt has a black peplum and a diamond trellis print embellished with black bows and blue hearts.

She accessorizes with blue winged heart earrings and a black and blue ascot necklace. On her feet are pink booties with blue laces and bat wing heels. Her knobby pink handbag is shaped like a bat wing bow.

There is a similar case with Frankie Stein. Both were Costco exclusives.

  • Model Number:
  • FCT30
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