Freak Du Chic Twyla

Twyla has lots of seafoam green hair with stripes of black. Her bangs are striped and curled and her hair is pulled up into a big poof of curls. She has bluish-gray skin that darkens as it reaches her hands and smoky tattoos adorn her legs.

She is wearing an adorable romper with black mesh sleeves and a turquoise tulle ruff with black trim. The bodice has a black & white perfect diamond print while the rest of the outfit is black decorated with spiders and turquoise webs. Down the front are two turquoise puff balls and around her waist is a white tulle peplum.

Complementing the outfit is a turquoise beaded bracelet. On her feet are black fishnet knee-highs and black wedges with a swirled wrought iron appearance. Hanging from the tops of the fishnet socks are black & white striped cape-like strips.

For her circus act she performs as a stilt walker. Her black stilts have calf supports and clip to her shoes. The stilts have a swirly wrought iron pedestal appearance which matches her shoes. Accompanying her is Dustin, her pet dust bunny, who is holding turquoise cymbals.

Twyla comes with a doll stand and a mini Freak du Chic poster.

From the box:

Twyla doll AN ACT THAT STANDS ABOVE THE REST! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Step right up and see the most exfrighting acts on the midway. There's Honey Swamp the mysterious marionette, Jinafire Long the fierce fire-eater, the shockingly magical Frankie Stein and the scaredevil werecat on a wire, Toralei. Be the first to see not the last to know. Don't wait until your friends tell you - experience the wonder of Freak du Chic for yourself!

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  • CKD76
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