Freaky & Fabulous Pets Rhuen

Rhuen is the pet ferret of Spectra Vondergeist. The plush figure is about six inches tall with blue fur that transitions to white down his body.

On his head are shimmery silver ears, a fluffy white tuft, and a sparkly purple bow. His right eye is a solid magenta circle and his left is a “+” surrounded by a squiggly blue circle. He has a heart-shaped nose and a thin mouth with long fangs.

A blue tuft decorates his neck, he has black line claws, and silver paw pads on his back feet. His tail is white at the base and becomes fluffy blue.

From the box:

Rhuen is Spectra Vondergeists's ghost ferret. Did you know that the name ferret comes from the Latin furittus, which means "little thief?" Of course you didn't until I told you! Best friends? Everyone loves Rhuen!

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