Freaky & Fabulous Pets Watzit

Watzit is the dog-like pet of Frankie Stein. The plush figure is about six inches tall and has tan fur. One ear, three legs, and a silver-stitched patch around his left eye are brown vinyl.

He has silver spikes on his head, a collar with silver dots, stitches on his chest, black line claws, and shimmery silver foot pads. On his back are silver wings.

His face features two different eyes. The left eye is a green “x” and the right is a solid blue circle with a thin eyebrow. He has a black nose and a thin mouth with silver fangs.

From the box:

No one's sure of all the things Watzit is made from, but his pet license is 10 pages long. His best friends are Count Fabulous and Crescent.

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