Friends Abbey Bominable and Shiver

Abbey Bominable
The Abbey rag doll is light blue with a white headband and yarn hair that is white with streaks of pink, purple, and blue. She has a purple earring, a blue earring, a dashed smile with fangs, and purple eyes. The left eye is outlined by a magenta gem.

Her outfit has a geometric crystal print that is black, white, blue, and pink. It is accented by white strings, a furry white collar, and lavender pants. Furry white cuffs are on her wrists and her boots are furry white.

Shiver is Abbey’s pet woolly mammoth. The plush figure is purple with a white body and white furry tufts on his head and chest. He has a black stitched mouth with tusks and red button eyes. The left eye has a light blue gem outline.

  • Model Number:
  • W2568
  • Find this ghoul at

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