Frights, Camera, Action! – Black Carpet Draculaura

Draculaura’s hair is pink & black and worn in a high ponytail. She is wearing a black dress with a pattern of pink bats with white dotted wings. The sleeveless dress has pink bow straps, a serrated diagonal hem, and a shimmery pink underlayer with a serrated hem.

Accessories begin with dangling black beaded earrings and a beaded necklace with rows of dangling beads. Around her waist is an elaborate pink belt with a row of pink beads with diamonds, a beaded middle row, and bottom chain with hanging beads and charms.

On her feet are pink peep-toe heels decorated with strings of beads, a row of lips, and a black heart with bat wings on each foot strap. Her pink beaded purse is in the shape of lips with fangs and is accentuated by strings of hanging beads.

From the box:

It has been 400 years since the last vampire queen ran away rather than rule. Now Draculaura has been declared the new heir to the vampire throne but is she really the true queen or just a stand-in? The ghouls will have to exit stage fright and go on location to Londoom, New Gorleans and finally Hauntlywood to find the real star and to see how the final scene ends.

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  • BDF23
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