Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow

Treesa has long pink hair with streaks of green that is pulled into a ponytail. She has yellow-brown eyes, pink eyebrows, green swirled eyeshadow, and pink lips.

Her brown skin is adorned with wood grain striations and branches protrude from her forearms. On her back are wing-like green ivy branches, a small bird house, and a knob. When the knob is turned, her ivy wings extend and she becomes taller as her torso grows.

She is wearing a peplum top with a black sweetheart neckline and a turquoise halter strap. The shimmery peplum and matching skirt feature a colorful wood grain print decorated with a variety of black insects.

Accessories consist of black bug earrings, a brown vine headband, and turquoise wedge sandals with vines twisting up her legs. Six charms can be used to accent her branches and vines. The charms consist of flowers, bugs, and a spiderweb.

Treesa stands in a brown tree trunk with cutouts, spiderwebs, and insects. It is accompanied by green ivy and turquoise webs. The trunk opens to reveal green hand-like clips and a base.

From the box:

My mother taught me that being a tree nymph meant caring for all living things and cherishing our garden home, but she didn't warn me about my chaotic teen-in-tree-years! Not only are my powers coming in but my growth spurt has made me monstrously tall and I'm really branching out! And now I've accidentally showered some ghouls with my mystical pollen - causing them to sprout wings! I'm stumped as to how to fix this, but I love to sink my roots into a challenge.

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  • FCV59
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