Garden Ghouls – Winged Critters Beetrice

Beetrice has long black hair with streaks of yellow. She has a yellow complexion, purple eyes with light blue shadow, pink lips, and a heart on her cheek. Antennae poke through her hair, her wings are translucent blue, and she has a yellow and black striped insect abdomen.

Her strapless molded top is black and her molded skirt is yellow. The skirt features Skullette bees and a honeycomb design. Accessories consist of pink button hairpieces and pink knee high boots with irregular edges and cutouts.

The doll stands about 5.25 inches tall and comes with a yellow beehive. The hive has black pupilless eyes, a black mouth, and can be used as a seat.

  • Model Number:
  • FCV49
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