Ghostbusters Frankie Stein

Frankie has black & white streaked hair that is pulled into a high ponytail. She is wearing khaki coveralls with orange lightning bolt stripes and a name tag with “Stein” on the chest. On the right shoulder is a Ghostbusters logo patch. The legs have real cargo pockets and a sheer yellow cloth is tied around her left leg.

She accessorizes with yellow lightning glasses, blue lightning hoop earrings, and a silver dog tag. Around her waist are two belts. The first is silver with a lightning bolt buckle and the second one is a blue utility belt with a Skullette carabiner. She wears black wrist cuffs and black molded fingerless gloves. On her feet are high black boots with orange lightning down the fronts, zippers on the sides, and jagged lightning platforms.

Ghostbusting accessories feature an iconic black proton pack with a translucent yellow cable that connects to the gun. The proton pack opens and can store the translucent green slimer figure. Frankie’s last item is a black clip-on walkie-talkie.

From the box:

Who Ya Gonna Call? Frankie Stein! It's not every day that there are ghosts at Monster High! Oh, wait, yes it is. But, paranormally, there aren't trespassing ghosts who zip around the howlways and classrooms leaving a trail of... ewww... slime! Clawdeen found the little green slimer in her locker next to her ruined shoes. Then Ghoulia spied him wreaking havoc on the computer lab. Drac tried to catch him, but have you ever tried to fly when you've got slime on your wings? And Cleo - let's just say she took one look at the mess and felt royally ill. So supernaturally, they called Frankie! She's a ghoul who doesn't mind lending a hand - sometimes literally - and a little ectoplasm dripping off her stitches isn't going to spoil her school spirit. Frankie got to work! She strapped on a proton pack and fired neutralizing particles like a pro... until it was hard to tell who caused more mayhem - Frankie or Slimer. Frankie chased down the howl, past the clawditorium and into the creepateria... Every monster who had lunch that period was treated to a spooktacular show! Slimer bounced from tray to tray, gobbling down tater tots, chomping pizza slices, tossing Shriek salads, and wow, can he guzzle milk! All the while, Frankie was hot on his oozy tail, doing flips, somersaults, even the occasional pirouette! But then Frankie had a voltageous idea! "Hey Slimer," she called out to the happily munching ghost, "why don't you join us? Grab a bite and fang out!" Slimer stopped. No one had ever asked him to eat with them before! So Slimer joined the ghouls and had a grave time! And he ate every last bite... off everyone else's trays. But the ghouls didn't mind - he's really kind of cute once you get to know him... after he stops sliming you.

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