Ghoul-La-La Locker with Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen has long wavy brown hair with purple streaks. Her makeup features pink eyeshadow and burgundy lipstick. She is a budget doll and lacks articulation at the elbows and wrists.

Her sleeveless dress has a wide green strip over one shoulder and the neckline. Attached to the strip and over the other shoulder are two thin purple straps. The black dress is decorated with a purple, green, and lavender pattern of paw prints and splatter marks. Around her waist is a wide gold belt with a row of spikes and a crescent moon. On her feet are unzipped purple booties with crescent moon accents.

The pink coffin-shaped locker is kept secure with a gold Skullette padlock. Inside the locker, on the door, is a coffin-shaped mirror outlined with intricate designs. The back of the locker has a black calender that displays the phases of the moon. Hanging from the top is a green chandelier with dangling crescent moons. The bottom of the locker has a purple storage compartment embossed with designs and a crescent moon.

School supplies can be stored on the shelves of the locker. Included with the playset is a green binder and a green Skullette & crescent moon notebook. There is also an extra pair of shoes for Clawdeen. The gold peep-toe wedges have spikes alond the sides, front, and up the back of the heels.

From the box:

How Do I Boo? I create! I love designing fashion, hairstyles and makeup. For me, it's an expression of how I feel on the inside. Personal Style: I'm a fierce fashionista and was born to design. I love to sink my claws into the latest trends and put my own spin on them... for my outfits as well as my ghoulfriends'. Monster Quirk: My hair grows furrrociously fast so I can change up my look whenever the mood strikes... which is typically several times each lunar cycle. Clawdeen loves school. She gets to learn new things and fang out with friends, all while showing off her latest fashion designs. Of course her locker has to be as clawesome as she is! It's her home-closet away from home, where she can stash clothes and accessories with her books. It even has a hidden compartment.

  • Model Number:
  • DNX05
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