How Do You Boo? Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein

Frankie has long black & white streaked hair and pale green skin. Her makeup consists of pink eyeshadow, light pink blush, and dark pink lipstick. On her right cheek is a stitched scar.

She is wearing a molded cerise tank top with a blue outline of the Monster High crest. Her black skirt has a blue stitched waist and a serrated hem. On her feet are molded blue high tops with jagged heels and embossed lightning bolts.

Frankie does not include a doll stand or brush. She is a budget doll and therefor has less articulation.

From the box:

How do I Boo? I try! I mean I try everything! I like to explore and experience and live everything the world has to offer. Personal Style: Now that I have a school where I belong, I love my outfits to be a little preppy... and a lot stylish. I think electric blue plaids are especially voltageous! Monster Quirk: Sometimes my stitches come loose and it's like my limbs have a brain of their own. When I offer you a hand, don't be shocked if I mean it literally.

  • Model Number:
  • DNV66
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