Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein

Frankie’s hair is long, straight, and worn in a ponytail. The bangs and front are streaked black & white while the rest of her hair is white with a big blue streak. She is wearing a black shirt with the Monster High crest surrounded by white stitches. It is trimmed with yellow and sleeves are blue with black and white crisscrossed lines and stitches. Her miniskirt features the same pattern as her sleeves.

Accessories for the outfit consist of black lightning bolt earrings, black and blue skullette-shaped bangles, and inverse gravity shoes. One shoe is black with a blue platform and the other is blue with a black platform. Frankie shows off her school spirit with an over-sized black & white hand. It has pink fingernails, the Monster High logo on the palm, and “#1” on the pointing index finger.

  • Model Number:
  • BDF08
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