Ghoul’s Alive! Toralei Stripe

Toralei looks fierce in her red sleeveless top with jagged diagonal black stripes. Accentuating the top is an orange scarf worn around her neck. Completing the ensemble is a black mini skirt decorated with red outlined splotches.

Accessories consist of silver stud earrings, a silver hoop earring, a gold grommet belt, and a red fingerless glove on her right hand. Her red peep-toe shoes have laces up the fronts and studs along the tops and sides.

This version is similar to the Signature doll, but also has the Ghoul’s Alive! feature. When a lever on her back is depressed she “claws” her arm, moves her tail, meows, and her eyes light up. Also included with the doll is a stand.

  • Model Number:
  • BGW08, CBL25
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