Ghouls’ Getaway Jinafire Long

Jinafire has golden scaled skin and long green hair with a streak of black and a small high ponytail. Decorating her head is a beige bamboo headband with a flame design in the back.

She is wearing a shimmery red dress with an asymmetrical hem and a tribal print. The print has a diamond pattern made from bamboo embellished with purple tiki masks and orange flames.

Accessories consist of purple tiki earrings, red beaded and flaming wrist cuffs, and a beige chest plate. The bamboo plate wraps around her neck and waist and features tiki masks and skirt-like flames. On her feet are red platform pumps with tiki masks, rows of beads, flame accents, and tiki idol heels. Jinafire does not come with a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

School's Out! And where better for a monster to recharge her batteries and refresh her brains than a tropical scaradise? The ghouls are unliving it up on their island getaway - fanging on the beach, cooling down with fruity drinks, and dancing in the sand until the boo sky turns to twifright pink. It's a scream come true!

  • Model Number:
  • DKX95
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