Ghoul’s Night Out 4-Pack

This 4-pack features a group of ghouls dressed to thrill. Clawdeen, Ghoulia, and Venus are only available in this Walmart exclusive.

Clawdeen is wearing a lovely form fitting black dress with a gold zipper pattern and gold neck strap. Over the dress is a purple & black tiger stripe crop top with matching arm warmers. On her feet are purple peep-toe platform wedges. Accessories for the outfit consist of a gold spiked headband, two gold & two black hoop earrings, a spiked black bracelet, a yellow bracelet, and a black & purple iCoffin phone. Her purse is a yellow paw print with a gold handle.

Ghoulia has on shimmery blue dress with a red collar, black bow, and black mesh puffy sleeves with red trim. The shorter overskirt is black with a print of red and white cat eye glasses. It has a red waistband and is held by white suspenders. On her feet are wedges made with interlocking white bones resting on red brain wrinkle platforms. She accessorizes with a red headband, red earrings, red & white bangles, and a red & black iCoffin phone. Her quilted brain purse is red with two handles.

Rochelle’s one-shoulder dress has a black & white filigree print embellished with shiny purple designs. The folded neck has pink ribbon trim and the three irregular ruffles are pink leatherette. Accentuating the dress is a black & white striped scarf, shiny pink arm warmers, and pink peep-toe pumps with fleur-de-lis accents and silver fleur-de-lis heels. Other accessories include two silver fleur-de-lis hair clips and a pink & black iCoffin phone. Her black & pink wrought iron purse has two pink handles held by silver fleurs-de-lis.

Venus is in a lovely dress that features a pink bodice decorated with a print of black ivy. The skirt is layered pink ruffles. The top of the dress, single sleeve, and short overskirt are sparkly black. Sparkly black leg warmers lead into green pumps adorned with pink flowers and twisted vine heels. Accessories include green ivy arm wraps, a studded green belt, and a yellow & black iCoffin phone. In one ear she has three pink rose earrings and the other has a green ivy earring. Her purse is a pink flower with a green ivy handle.

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