Gloom and Bloom Cleo de Nile

Cleo has wavy black hair with streaks of blue and shimmery black. It is styled with bangs, a side ponytail, and a blue headband with a blue and yellow lotus flower.

She is wearing a lovely sleeveless dress with a shimmery blue lotus print and black & gold trim. Over the dress is a long sheer shawl that is striped with black and gold. Tied around her waist is a blue, black, and gold striped belt with a blue lily accent.

Accessories consist of dangling blue lotus earrings, a gold necklace, a black asp bracelet, a gold triangle bangle, and a blue bracelet. On her feet are gold sandals with zigzag etched platforms and snake heels. Decorating her ankles are light and dark blue lotus flower anklets. Her rectangular handbag is gold with hieroglyphic accents.

Included with Cleo is a blue gardening claw, a blue trowel, and a gold vase. The vase has blue lotus flowers with big green leaves and snake roots. She also comes with her diary, a black brush, and a doll stand.

From the box:

The Corpse Flower only blooms once every 1,300 years, and it's happening at Monster High! So, what do you do to celebrate an opening that is a millennium in the making? You throw a party, of corpse; and now the ghouls are ready to blossom in their fangtasticly floral fashions. Hey, this is no time to be a wall flower - get out on the floor and dance the fright away.

  • Model Number:
  • CGH94
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