Gloom and Bloom Jinafire Long

Jinafire’s green and black hair is long and wavy with a bun on top. The bun is accentuated by a reddish pink flower clip.

She is wearing a lovely sleeveless wrap dress that features shimmery purple scales with a print of black and yellow flowers. The dress has shiny red trim, red shoulder frills, and an overskirt. The red overskirt has a shimmery gold dragon print, a black lace under layer, and a red waist with a black tassel belt.

Accessories consist of black fan tassel earrings, a green beaded bracelet, a black leafy bracelet, and a green bangle. On her feet are jade green pumps with ivy etching and dragon heels. Decorating her ankles are black anklets with fans, floral branches, and reddish pink flowers. Her fan-shaped purse is reddish pink with filigree etchings and black handles.

Included with Jinafire is a gold trowel, gold dragon-handled pruning shears, and a gold vase with a black and reddish pink floral arrangement. She also has her diary, a black brush, and a doll stand.

From the box:

The Corpse Flower only blooms once every 1,300 years, and it's happening at Monster High! So, what do you do to celebrate an opening that is a millennium in the making? You throw a party, of corpse; and now the ghouls are ready to blossom in their fangtasticly floral fashions. Hey, this is no time to be a wall flower - get out on the floor and dance the fright away.

  • Model Number:
  • CGH95
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