Skullector Greta Gremlin

Greta Gremlin is a Monster High doll inspired by the Gremlins 2 movie. She has long and luscious green hair and lovely green skin. Her big green eyes, silver shadow, and full red lips complement her complexion.

She wears a black and purple leopard print dress with a shredded hem and black tulle underlayer. Over the dress is a fabulous red pleather jacket with a furry collar and silver accents. Completing the look are spiked green stilettos accentuated by red flowers.

Accessories begin with large hoop earrings, a red flower hair clip, and a tube of red lipstick. Hanging from her shoulder is a black heart-shaped purse that features an image of Spike, the leader of the gremlins.

Greta comes with Gizmo, the small but adorable Mogwai. A stand is also included with the doll.

The doll was available from the Mattel Creations website.

From the box:

How about a smooch? Don't be shocked by my outrageously glam hair and freaky fab fashion - Gizmo and I are about the ghoulest pair you'll ever meet. Sure, I used to be a basic gremlin, but after sipping the "Splice O' Life" Lab's secret potion... Hello, Glow up! Now I am drop dead gore-geous. Especially when I reach into my killer purse, swipe on some fierce red lipstick, and pucker up for a big kiss. So whaddaya say? Let's cut to the chase, grab Gizmo, and run out of here before this lab explodes. Then we'll live happily ever after - until death do us part.

  • Model Number:
  • GRW96
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