Hallmark Draculaura Keepsake Ornament

The Draculaura ornament has long black hair with streaks of pink glitter. A portion of her hair is pulled high and streaked with pink and glitter. She has a pale pink complexion with deep pink fanged lips and a heart on her cheek.

Her strapless dress is dark red decorated with glitter, a violet bow belt, and a white lace neck wrap. The tiered hem has violet bows with a layer of white and a layer of pink. She accessorizes with a pink heart tiara, pink earrings, and black and pink pumps with winged hearts.

From the box:

A Keepsake is much more than an ornament. It's a little work of art, created by a real person with a passion to tell a big story. From the people and things you love, to memories of the past, to the anticipation of something new. Your Keepsake honors and celebrates everything that makes the holidays special - joy, togetherness, family, and friends. When you hang a Keepsake, you're hanging the story of you. Happy hanging!

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