Haunt Couture Midnight Runway Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein has long straight hair worn in a high ponytail. Her hair is black & white streaked with light blue. She has a pale green complexion enhanced by rooted eyelashes, one green and one blue eye, a cheek scar, and dark red lips.

Her outfit features a black pleather blazer with flared shoulders and silver Skullette safety pins. Under it is a blue bodysuit decorated with a print of thick stitches.

Neon green accessories include lightning bolt earrings and wrist cuffs with flowing bindings. Covering her face is a gray masquerade mask with a lightning design.

Silver necklaces are at her neck and a wide belt is around her waist. On her feet are translucent boots adorned with jagged lightning heels and neon green lightning accents.

Frankie is 10.5 inches tall and comes with a doll stand and welcome letter. She is packaged in a coffin-shaped box with embossed stitching and sparkling blue foil.

From the box:

You are gore-dially invited to Midnight Runway, the hauntest fashion show of the year!
Frankie Stein joins the runway in a masquerade-inspired look. Wearing a tinted black mask with lightning bolts, Frankie Stein is stitched with style in a sheer bodysuit with her signature stitch marks. Her look is amped up with an exaggerated, structured blazer with terrifying texture and detail. Ghoulish bindings, lightning bolt boots, and accessories complete her shocking look.
As the clock strikes 12, Frankie Stein will have the ghouls all charged up with every step down the runway!

  • Model Number:
  • HKY81
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