Howliday Draculaura – Winter Edition

Draculaura is ready for a fabulous howliday season. Her long black hair has a gorgeous updo, pink streaks, and shaped bangs. Purple eyes enhanced with purple shadow, fanged lips, and a webbed heart on her cheek complement her pale pink complexion.

She wears a fabulous pink satin minidress adorned with a spiderweb print. Over top is a floor-length coat that is sheer black with a snowflake motif. Bringing them together is a wide black belt with a pink buckle.

Accessorizing the outfit is a translucent black snowflake headpiece, pink ornament earrings, and black & white striped gloves. On her feet are dark translucent boots embossed with snowflakes and sparkly accents.

A doll stand is included with this Winter Edition Draculaura.

From the box:

Season's Screamings! Draculaura is ready for a fabulous howliday season, dressed in a glittering gown with spider web details and a sheer coat with sparkling snowflake bats. Winter-themed accessories, including candy cane gloves and ornament earrings, complete her fangtastic look! May your howlidays be a scary delight!

  • Model Number:
  • HKX66
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