Inner Monster Add-On Pack Scared Silly

This add-on has a monstrously fun theme that includes a face mask, hair, emoticons, and clothing.

Doll Parts
The face mask is a light orange with purple and yellow eyeshadow, light blue eyeliner, and hot pink lips with a tongue poking out. The molded green hair has two buns, bangs, and hanging side curls. There are four orange emoticons; a Skullette jack-in-the-box, an ice cream sundae, a jester hat, and a heart with glasses.

The halterneck dress has a big sheer purple ruffled collar, a purple waist, and a double layered skirt. It features a pink, yellow, and gray diamond print decorated with Skullettes with their tongues out, Skullettes with jester hats, spiderwebs, and hearts.

Accessories consist of winding arm and leg wraps made from purple tentacles. For shoes, there is a pair of green pumps with tentacle heels and purple and orange flowers on the toes.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR29
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