Jane Boolittle

Jane looks magnificent with her black hair, pink highlights, and wild wardrobe. Her hair is pulled into a pony tail with a hair bump and is held by a red hairband adorned with a skullette surrounded by feathers.

She is wearing a purple & blue leaf print top with black faux fur shoulders and an asymmetrical hem. Beneath the top is a dress that features a pink bodice with diagonal stripes and a light blue mesh skirt. Under the skirt are black capri leggings with a serrated hem. Completing the outfit are mismatched blue wedges; the right is a gladiator sandal and the left is a winding snake-strap sandal.

Jane loves to accessorize. She has a light blue bone with feathers in one ear and a light blue claw in the other. Around her neck is a red three ring choker attached to a statement necklace with claws. On one arm is a dark blue bracelet and the other has a black fishnet sleeve, pink bangle, and light blue bangle. Around her waist is a dark blue belt decorated with three skullettes; the center one is larger with a red bow and hanging feathers.

She carries a dark blue purse and walking stick. The quilted handbag has a red handle, feather, and skullette clasp. Inside the bag are three pieces of paper. The walking stick features blue feathers around a skullette knob with pink bow. The stick is also a working pen. Also included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, Jane’s diary, and Needles, her pet sloth.

From the box:

Age: 15 or 16 Monster Parents: Doctor Boolittle Killer Style: I suppose one would call my style jungle chic. I simply adore faux fur, animal prints and feathers. I also have an absolutely smashing walking stick I cannot stand to be without. Freaky Flaw: Spending my formative fears on a jungle island with only the companionship of animals did little to prepare me for the company of other monsters in large groups. When I find myself in that situation my pulse races, I breathe very fast and I start looking for places to hide. Pet: Needles is my pet voodoo sloth. I love him dearly but he is always getting stuck so I constantly must make a point of telling him to be scareful. Favorite Activity: I love a good trek. There's nothing quite as peaceful and invigorating as exploring the wilderness and meeting the creatures that live there.

  • Model Number:
  • BJF62
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