Kieran Valentine & Djinni “Whisp” Grant 2-Pack

Djinni has amazing purple hair with streaks of blue and is worn in a big vertical genie ponytail. Her skin is lavender with purple tattoos on her arms and chest and wispy gray tendrils on her legs. Djinni also has a shadow form. Her legs are removable and can be replaced by a black tail decorated with wispy purple filigree by the hips.

She is wearing a black and sparkly gold bodice with gold stitched straps. The chest and shoulders of the top are half & half; one side is sparkly pink and the other is sparkly blue. Her black capri-length harem pants are adorned with wispy metallic purple filigree.

Her accessories consist translucent pink zigzag earrings and purple platform gravity shoes with pointy toes.

Kieran is very handsome with his shaggy black hair streaked with red. His eyes are bright pink and his skin is a light pink.

He is wearing a black jacket with red stitching, red & gold cuff accents, and red satin trim. Stitched on one lapel and one cuff are lovely red & gold roses. Under the jacket is a burgundy satin vest with three double buttons and a white shirt with a sheer white ascot and flared ruffled cuffs. His black leatherette pants have a gold chain hanging from one hip.

He accessorizes with gold stud earrings and a pair of black glasses. On his feet are black lace-up boots with buckle straps and silver accents.

Included with Kieran and Djinni are two doll stands, a brush, their diaries, and Djinni’s golden lamp. The 2-pack was an exclusive for the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International.

From the box:

How many years has it been? One? A thousand and one? It is easy to lose track of time when there is no sun to rise or set, when the seasons do not change and when there are no celebrations marked by a date. Is my lantern falling forever through the abyss, or maybe swimming through the ocean depths within the belly of a monstrous beast? What does it mean if a djinn is never found? It is not for the djinn to dwell overmuch on such things. As the pondering of the unknowable is a distraction for the words which will call me to service... You are summoned! I am Djinni of the lanter. What is your wish?

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