Mega Bloks Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar has 244 pieces packaged in a box with 24 mystery windows each filled with a small buildable gift. Also included are three figures: Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Frankie Stein.

To celebrate the holidays there is a green Christmas tree with Skullette ornaments and a purple bow topper. With the tree are a variety of wrapped presents, a robot toy, and a nutcracker.

For fun, there are three set of snow skis and poles. They are stored on a rack decorated with silver skulls and skeletal arm latches.

To relax, there is a fire pit with an orange flame. Around the pit are three lounge chairs: one purple, one pink with a Skullette, and a light blue wrought iron chair.

For snacks, there is a table full of mugs and a pedestal with muffins and a dairy carton. Additionally, there are plates full of spider-topped cakes.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has wavy brown hair with purple highlights. Her brown complexion is complemented by yellow eyes with purple shadow and red fanged lips.

She is wearing a cropped black vest over a red long sleeve top with an animal print. Completing the outfit is a layered black skirt and black shorts.

On her feet are gold wedges with purple & gold knee highs. Gold accessories include a multi-bangle bracelet, earmuffs, and a Santa hat.

Draculaura has long black hair with violet streaks and pigtails. She has pale pink skin, light purple eyes with pink shadow, fanged red lips, and a pink heart on her cheek.

Her pink top has a magenta snowflake print and plum sleeves. It is complemented by plum shorts under a double layered skirt that is pink and baby blue.

Accessories feature a light blue scarf, magenta earmuffs, light blue wrist cuffs, and a magenta purse. On her feet are white knee high boots with black laces and silver wedges.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has long white hair with streaks of black that is held in a high ponytail with a blue band. She has pale green skin, one blue and one green eye, pink eyeshadow, dark pink lips, and stitches under one eye.

Her black outfit has a sleeveless top with a blue & gold graphic complemented by a white collar with a silver tie. A short black skirt and silver tights complete the look.

Her accessories consist of blue goggles, yellow goggles, pink earmuffs, a pink bracelet, and a Santa hat. On her feet are blue sneakers with black laces.

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